Anime Gacha APK – Download for PC, Android, iOS…

Anime Gacha is a Lunime video game that belongs to the RPG genre. It is one of the first games of all Lunime’s Gacha games and it is a simulator that will allow you to extract all the anime characters you want and collect up to a total of 180 characters.

Anime Gacha

You will be able to form teams of 5 characters and fight against final bosses and even fight with friends. Focus on raising all your characters to the highest level by duplicating them to have the best Anime Gacha team ever.

Download Anime Gacha APK for Android for free

Download Anime Gacha game for Android is very simple, just access the download via the button below, which will take you to the official and totally free download:

Download Anime Gacha App for iOS (Iphone and Ipad)

Download Anime Gacha for iOS systems is also very simple. To do so you just have to access the official download link via the following button:

Download Anime Gacha for PC

Download Anime Gacha for PC officially is not possible. However, there is a fairly simple and convenient way to play Anime Gacha on PC. To do this, you just have to download an Android emulator for PC, Bluestacks being one of the most recommended. Once Bluestacks is downloaded you just have to add your “Play Store” account and you can start playing for free on your computer.

Anime Gacha Update and Latest Version

The latest available version of Anime Gacha is version 2.0.1, but in this app you do not have to worry about anything, because every time a new version is released it will be updated automatically on your Android device, whether it is a mobile or a tablet.

What’s new in Anime Gacha

  • New characters to collect
  • New Anime Gacha Booster
  • New pack with 300 gems and 300,000 medals
  • New voice settings for characters
  • Gacha creation

Advantages of Anime Gacha by Lunime

Anime Gacha is a rather entertaining character fighting video game that allows you to create teams of 5 players with interesting combos and carry out dynamic fights. One of the biggest advantages of this game is the large amount of collectible characters that can be obtained completely free of charge, since the game itself will provide you with the necessary gems to play gacha and get the characters. In addition, another of its advantages is that it does not have complicated mechanics and will be easy to overcome for all audiences.