Gacha MODs

Gacha MODs are very similar to Gacha Club and Gacha Life, but offer new features such as new clothing styles, hairstyles, accessories and much more.

Top Gacha MODs [Updated December 2023]

Within the world of Gacha MODs it is very common that some Gacha Life and Gacha Club MODs become very popular at times, so we bring you the selection of the best downloadable mods of the moment:

gacha nebula
Gacha Nebula

gacha luminal
Gacha Luminal

gacha customs and coffee
Customs & Coffee

gacha art
Gacha Art

gacha plus
Gacha Plus

gacha nox
Gacha Nox

gacha nymph
Gacha Nymph

gacha pastry
Gacha Pastry

MODs are modifications of the main Gacha games created by and for fans of the community, so that everyone can enjoy amazing decorations and get to make wonderful scenes, videos and all kinds of creations.

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gacha world
Gacha World

gacha cute
Gacha Cute

gacha neon
Gacha Neon

gacha shine
Gacha Shine

gacha sweetu
Gacha Sweetu

gacha cherry blossom
Cherry Blossom

gacha style
Gacha Style

gacha ultra 3
Gacha Ultra

gacha yune
Gacha Yune

gacha necessity
Gacha Necessity

gacha techno
Gacha Techno

gacha cloudy
Gacha Cloudy

gacha kawaii
Gacha Kawaii

gacha natural
Gacha Natural

gacha rainbow friends
Gacha Rainbow Friends


gacha harajuku
Gacha Harajuku

gacha project ultimate trouble
Project Ultimate

gacha x
Gacha X

gacha dolls
Gacha Dolls

gacha life no lines
Gacha Life No Lines

gacha want
Gacha Want 2

gacha diamond
Gacha Diamond

gacha sakura
Gacha Sakura

gacha oven
Gacha Oven

gacha rose
Gacha Pleasure

gacha rose
Gacha Rose

gacha tunnel
Gacha Tunnel

gacha banban
Gacha Banban

gacha editx
Gacha Editx

gacha doors
Gacha Doors

gacha mystic petals
Mystic Petals

gacha flair
Gacha Flair

Gacha Fuzz
Gacha Fuzz

gacha strawberry
Gacha Strawberry

gacha impact
Gacha Impact

gacha creative
Gacha Creative

gacha kemono
Gacha Kemono

gacha bunny
Gacha Bunny

gacha gacha
Gacha Gacha

gacha motion pro
Gacha Motion Pro

gacha arcade
Gacha Arcade

gacha clan
Gacha Clan

gacha multiworld
Gacha Multiworld

gacha lgbt
Gacha LGBT

gacha multiverse
Gacha Multiverse

gacha trek
Gacha Trek

gacha boba
Gacha Boba

gacha universe
Gacha Universe

gacha universal
Gacha Universal

gacha sanrio
Gacha Sanrio

gacha animal
Gacha Animal

gacha fnaf
Gacha FNAF

gacha love
Gacha Love

gacha star
Gacha Star

gacha cafe
Gacha Cafe

gacha glitch
Gacha Glitch

gacha animatronics

gacha club edition
Gacha Club Edition

gacha modify
Gacha Modify

gacha fandoms
Gacha Fandoms

gacha lavender
Gacha Lavender

gacha unlocked
Gacha Unlocked

gacha redux
Gacha Redux

gacha costume
Gacha Costume

gacha monarch
Gacha Monarch

gacha fantasy
Gacha Fantasy

gacha pastel cloud
Pastel Cloud

gacha life no lines
Gacha Color

gacha heat
Gacha Heat


Gacha Club and Gacha Life are two of the best games that exist right now for the creation of anime characters, and also allow us to create scenes and stories with these characters that we have created. But that’s not all, Gacha Life and Gacha Club have thousands of additional features and mini-games. However, the greatest success of these games have been their MODs, which allow us to delve much deeper into the customization of characters, creating stories, sharing and interacting with other users… Here we will explain everything you need to know about Gacha Life and Gacha Club MODs.

How to Download, Install and Play Gacha MODs?

Here we show you a video where you can see how to Download, Install and Play Gacha MODs:

To download, install and play Gacha MODs, just follow these instructions:

  1. In the MODs section select the one you want to download.
    1. There are several formats to download: Computer, Android or iPhone.
  2. Click on the download button of the corresponding device.
  3. If your device requests permissions to download, accept the permissions.
  4. Wait until the download is ready.
  5. Enjoy your Gacha MOD.

What does Gacha MOD Apk mean?

Gacha MODs are usually in .apk format, which means that it is an application suitable for devices with Android operating system. By downloading the apk and installing it on your phone, you will be able to start playing the Gacha mod you have selected.

To download a Gacha MOD do I have to remove Gacha Club?

If you are wondering if to download a mod you have to remove gacha club, the answer is no. Most mods are prepared so that you don’t have to delete gacha club or lose the characters you have already created, so gacha life and gacha club mods are fully compatible with Lunime apps.

Are Gacha MODs available for iOS?

Most Gacha mods are not yet available for iOS. However, from the GachaLife.App team we will try to find an alternative so that Apple users can also enjoy them.

Are Gacha MODs Safe to Download?

If you are wondering if Gacha mods are Safe, the answer is Yes. Gacha mods are modifications created by the gacha community and its fans with the sole purpose of having new cute characters and increasing the fun, so they will not harm your devices. It is possible that in the process of downloading and installing a mod your computer or cell phone will warn you that the file may be dangerous, this is completely normal since the mods are in a different format than common and are not official Play Store applications.