Gacha Cutery

Gacha Cutery App is the new creation of DustLol gacha, creator of mods like gacha Redux or gacha apps as flashy as celestial gacha. This new project is a gacha life style game that features a new base for the characters.

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Gacha Cutery MOD APK
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The character design offers a base with more height and the head is not as wide as the chibi from Gacha Life or Gacha Club.
This new game will feature a very nice and completely revamped user interface, plus a lot of new clothing and accessory designs, as well as the different body parts (face, hair, eyes, nose…).

With features as interesting as studio mode, own background creator, color palette, custom facial expressions, tattoos and markings, options to customize teeth, poses, objects, pets, this game promises to be a new discovery for the gacha community, as it will allow to create OCs with a different touch thanks to its new base and the new designs.

Cutery is in an early stage of development and there is still a long way to go, so there is still no official release date. However, both its aesthetics and the ideas of its creator are very striking, which has made some gachatubers like Crisox even compare it to a possible Gacha Life 3.

Download Cutery APK for free

Downloading Gacha Cutery APK for free is simple. Just follow the download and installation instructions below:

How to download

To download Gacha Cutery Mod, the first thing you need to do is select the appropriate download link for your device and follow the download instructions that best suits your device. Gacha Cutery is available for Android.

✅Download APK for Android

Downloading Gacha Cutery for Android is easy. Simply click on the download link below. Your device may ask for permission to allow downloads; once you accept the permissions, the download will start automatically and you can enjoy this game on your Android device.

Gacha Cutery APK is still under development and download is not yet available. Stay tuned to this website for its release.

💻Download for PC

Downloading Gacha Cutery for PC is simple. To download the MOD, follow these steps:

  1. Access the download link via the download button below
  2. In case your computer asks for permissions to download the file, accept those permissions.
  3. The download will start automatically.
  4. Wait for the file to download.

Gacha Cutery for PC is still under development and the download is not yet available. Stay tuned to this website for its release.

📱Download for iOS (iPhone)

Download Gacha Cutery for iOS is currently not possible, as the MOD has not been released in the proper format for iPhone or iPad.


Cutery is a game very similar to Gacha Life, but offers a greater number of selectable features when customizing characters. Some of the features include:

  • New clothing designs
  • New accessories
  • Studio mode
  • Tattoos and markings
  • New custom facial expressions
  • More options to customize teeth, poses, objects, pets
  • Less wide head
  • Higher body

🆕How to upgrade

Since Gacha Cutery is not an official application but a mod, it does not have automatic updates. Therefore, you should keep an eye out for updates and uninstall and reinstall the new version of the app on your device every time an update is released. Cutery is currently in an early stage of development and there is still a long way to go, so there is no official release date yet.


The minimum requirements are to have a device running Android 5.0 or higher.