Gacha Studio: How to Download & Install Free

All about Gacha Studio, the new Lunime app where you can create and customize your anime characters, and even fight epic battles with them. Victories will give you gems with which you can purchase new upgrades for the powers and customization of your avatars. 

⬇️ Download Gacha Studio

Gacha Studio also known as Gacha Studio: Anime Dress Up is a mobile app with which you can create and customize your anime characters from 0 or you can even generate and modify them through preset templates. The customization options are endless, and you will enjoy both customizing and creating characters, as well as using them.

Among other options we can customize:

  • Types of hair and hairstyle.
  • The body, its size, weight…
  • The color of skin, hair, eyes…
  • Shape of the eyes and their size, as well as their position on the face.
  • Nose, size and position.
  • Mouth, size and position.
  • Clothes and complements that our Gacha will wear.
  • Backgrounds for our avatar.
  • Pets and other objects that can accompany our character. 

But in addition, it not only allows us to create the characters, we can also join them with other avatars that we have previously created, to photograph them. In addition, one of the latest novelties is that we can make them play scenes with which both avatars created by us will interact with each other. 

gacha studio

But undoubtedly, the biggest novelty of Gacha Studio Anime Dress Up, compared to other games of the same Lunanime franchise is the possibility of choosing one of our characters and take it to the arena. Once in the arena we will be able to duel in 3 different modes:

  • Automatic
  • Element
  • Ability

Depending on whether we win or lose these battles, we can earn gems which we can invest in the millions of millions of customization options and upgrades for our avatars.

Download Gacha Studio from the following link:

⬇️ Gacha Studio for PC: Download

To download Gacha Studio for PC we will have to use the following link that we leave you, and then to use it on PC we must follow the installation process explained below.

➡️ Gacha Studio for PC: Install

To install Gacha Studio on PC we will to follow the steps explained in the link we let you before.

➡️ App features

  • Available in Offline mode, no need for Wi-Fi…Free Game.
  • It has Studio Mode to create your personalized scans.
  • Customize your avatars with more options than ever.
  • Complements, weapons, and millions of clothing options at your disposal.
  • Possibility of adding pets to your Gachas.
  • 3 Arena modes: Auto, Element, Skill.

➡️ Technical data sheet of the app

  • Free App
  • 61.6 MB
  • Updated version: 2.1.2
  • Android 5.0 and above required
  • Developer: Lunime