What is Gachaverse? Suitable for Children?

Gachaverse is a game for mobile platforms in which you can create anime characters, decorate them, dress them, set them with an amazing depth. In addition, with all the characters that we create little by little, we will be able to create scenes or animated vignettes, which we will be able to add speech bubbles or text boxes so that we will have the possibility of building our animated story little by little. 

➡️ Is Gachaverse appropriate for my son/daughter?

The game itself provides content suitable for children, since it does not have content for adults, it is so to speak a game designed for the use and enjoyment of children, in which in addition to content suitable for them, they will develop skills such as creativity that can come in handy. 

The dynamics of the game is to create different characters, dress them, decorate them, and then offers us a chance to create scenes in which the characters interact with text boxes, so that by combining several of these scenes we can get to create elaborate stories. 

what is gachaverse

So far let’s say that everything we have seen is suitable for our children, a game of creation of characters, scenes or vignettes, and stories, in which they can develop their skills such as creativity, “story telling”, imagination… So why so many doubts with Gachaverse and other games of the Gachalife family?

The doubts begin as a result of the so-called Gachatubers which are Youtubers who are dedicated to uploading Gachalife content, which some of them have uploaded some kind of story whose dialogues were more racy, or with content not suitable for children (alcohol, drugs …). That’s where the big discussion about Gachalife games lies.

Actually the game as such is a very good game for children, with appropriate content for them, and development of good skills for them; and in most cases the existing content in social networks is also appropriate, but as in everything we must be careful when our children are no longer playing Gachaverse, but are researching the network in places like Social Networks, Youtube…