Meme Gacha MOD APK – Download for PC, Android, iOS…

Meme Gacha is a video game from Lunime that was launched on the occasion of “April Fools”, since the players of the Gacha community love the memes of Gacha Life or other games like Gacha Club memes. 

Meme Gacha

This game contains collectible cards full of humor in which we will find funny memes based on Gacha anime characters with different styles such as the cereal meme turned into Gacha and many more. The dynamics of the game is based on opening multicolored games that contain different cards with memes inside, so little by little you will have to open eggs until you collect them all and have a few laughs along the way.

Download Meme Gacha APK for Android

Downloading Meme Gacha for Android is easy and free. Just access the official installer via the button below:

Meme Gacha Cards

Here you can see a small example of some of the meme cards you can collect in Meme Gacha:

meme gacha

gacha life meme

Advantages and Disadvantages of Meme Gacha

The main advantage of Meme Gacha is that it is a free and very easy to play game in which you will find funny cards with memes and Gacha jokes. However, it has the disadvantage of not having been updated for quite some time, so the games can become quite monotonous when you have already seen most of the memes. It is a highly recommended game for the little ones, since at the beginning they can find it very entertaining to open colored eggs and see the jokes that the cards provide.