Gacha Life Mouth for your Gacha Characters and Mouth Edits

One of the most important aspects of Gacha Life is the customization of our characters, so inspiration is one of the keys when making our Gacha Life designs. For this, one of the best options we have is to constantly look for new designs of key elements such as the Mouths. Here are the best Gacha Life mouths for your anime characters. 

Gacha Life Bocas

馃懆鈥嶐煆獺ow to make Lip Sync in Gacha Life (TUTORIAL)

Below you will find a video with which you can learn how to lip sync and give more life to your Gacha Life characters:


Apply these Gacha Life Mouth designs on your characters to give them the desired expression, so that we can achieve different facial expressions, such as: joy, anger, sadness, tiredness, fear…