Welcome to Bloxburg Roblox – Play Online Free Pc, Android & iOS

Imagine a place where you can design your dream house, drive spectacular vehicles, interact with friends, and experience thrilling adventures every day. All of this is possible in Welcome to Bloxburg, a fascinating life simulation and role-playing game in Roblox.

Game NameWelcome to Bloxburg
Game CreatorCoeptus
Recommended AgeAll Ages

Located in the imaginary city of Bloxburg, this game draws inspiration from the popular simulation game series, The Sims, and invites you to immerse yourself in a world full of possibilities.

Welcome to Bloxburg plunges you into an open world where you can live the life of your virtual character in any way you want, whether it's working to earn money, improving skills, exploring the vast city, or simply having fun with friends. Each day in Bloxburg offers a new adventure.

Features of Welcome to Bloxburg

One of the most appealing features of Welcome to Bloxburg is the ability to build and customize your own house.

You can construct on a 30x30 plot, and if you want to expand your possibilities, game passes are available that allow you to build up to five floors high, expand your construction area to a 50x50 plot, or even create underground structures. Your creativity is the only limit in Bloxburg.

Promotional Codes for Welcome to Bloxburg

It's important to note that, as of now, there are no promotional codes for the game Bloxburg in Roblox and there have never been any until now.

Although it's possible that codes may be implemented in the future, there are currently no indications that this will happen. Therefore, we strongly recommend all players to avoid falling into traps or scams claiming to have promotional codes for Bloxburg. Always maintain a cautious approach and make sure to seek reliable information to protect your account and enjoy the game safely.

Gameplay of Welcome to Bloxburg in Roblox

If you're looking for more than just fun, Bloxburg offers 12 different jobs available, each with its own money reward. You can be anything from a burger cashier to a miner, or perhaps a fisherman is more your style. Whatever job you choose, as you complete tasks, you'll progress and start earning more money. Additionally, if you purchase the "Excellent Employee" game pass, you can double your earnings and receive additional promotions.


Welcome to Bloxburg is a Roblox experience that goes beyond a simple game; it's a world full of creativity, adventures, and opportunities. Here, you can live the life of your character your way and experience the excitement of building, exploring, and growing in a city full of surprises.