Gacha Life Accessories and Props

The accessories in Gacha Life are the ideal complement for the outfit of your OC, since your anime character will get much more personality through the objects he carries in his hands and the rest of the body. We have two types of accessories in Gacha Life: clothing or fashion accessories such as hats and scarves, and props or props that will serve our character to carry out actions in the stories, such as tools, pencils or weapons.

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Gacha Life Clothing Accessories

In Gacha Life we find numerous accessories that will make your character look much more chic. Among the accessories in Gacha Life we find caps and hats, earrings, pendants, hair accessories, glasses, and much more. Here you can see some of the best fashion accessories from Gacha Life:

Gacha Life Props

The Gacha Life Props are elements that give life to the game and to the scenes of our characters. Within the Props we find really interesting objects ranging from weapons and shields to teddy bears. Below you can discover some accessories of both types for your Gacha Life characters. In addition, there is also the option to get custom props or accessories for your Gacha edits

Gacha Life Knife

Within the Props, we find not only a knife for Gacha Life, but several knife models to be able to create scary videos or videos with scenarios in which we can include muggings, attacks and much more. Here are some custom knives for Gacha Life Edits.