Gachaness is a MOD for Gacha Club that adds new features to the game, especially when it comes to characterization of the characters. Gachaverse Mod Apk is a cool game that you can download on your Android device. I recommend you to play this game for its cool graphics and sound effects. The developers of this android app are trying their best to bring new bug fixes and improvements with every update so that you have no problem in playing this awesome game on your Android device.


📥Download MOD APK for Free

Downloading Gachaness APK totally free is very simple, just carry out the download and installation instructions below.

❓How to Download Gachaness

To download Gachaness Mod the first thing we have to do is select the appropriate download link for the device on which we are going to use it and access the download instructions that best suit the device. At the moment, Gachaness is only available for Android devices and for Pc (Windows), but it is possible that soon it will also be available for iOS.

✅Download APK for Android

Download Gachaness for Android is very simple, just click on the download link below. Your device may ask you for download permissions, once you accept the permissions the download will start automatically and you will be able to enjoy this game on your Android.

✅Download IPA for iOS

Downloading Gachaness for iOS is very simple, just click on the download link below. Your device may ask you for download permissions, once you accept the permissions the download will start automatically and you will be able to enjoy this game on your iOS.


💻Download for PC

Download Gachaness for Pc is very easy as well as free. To do this you just have to do the following:

  1. Access the download link via the download button below.
  2. In case your computer asks for permissions to download the file, accept those permissions.
  3. The download will start automatically.
  4. Wait for the download to finish and start enjoying Gachaness on your computer.

➕Features of Gachaness MOD

Gachaness is a video game with an aesthetic quite similar to Gacha Club, but this one has the difference that it includes a greater number of selectable features when customizing the characters. Some of the features of Gachaness are:

  • Unlimited money. You can spend as much as you want on upgrades and buying new characters.
  • Unlimited coins. No need to wait for your resources to replenish, they will keep coming!
  • Unlimited gems – don’t waste time collecting them when they’re already at your disposal!
  • Full character slots unlocked; you can have an unlimited number of characters in your team!
  • Anti-ban system that prevents the game from being banned by automated systems or by players using illegal methods to reduce their score in games (hacking). This will help protect you and the integrity of our servers from being manipulated by cheaters or hackers trying to gain unfair advantages over others during PvP matches or inter-clan/group (clan) competitions.
  • We have also added anti-cheat protections on our servers that prevent people from using any third party software that can affect the game such as automatic clickers, macros, etc. so that everyone has a fair chance to win without having any advantage automatically given by cheat software programs such as macro scripts that do all the clicking for them automatically without requiring any real skill from them, which ruins the game experience for everyone else, because then everyone else needs a macro script as well if they want to have any chance against those who have them installed on their computer systems

🆕How to update

If you’re looking for a way to play Gachaness on your Android device, you’ve come to the right place. The mod is available in two versions: APK and IPA. Both versions feature an auto-updater, so you don’t have to manually update the app when new updates are released. Currently the most updated version of Gachaness is v1.1.0.


Gachaness Apk minimum requirements are:

  1. Android 4.4 and above – To check your phone’s version, open the Settings app and go to About Phone > Software Info or System Updates > Check Update. If you see Android 9 Pie (or higher), then you’re all set!
  2. You don’t need to root your phone: the Gachaness app is available in the Google Play and Apple stores. It’s important to note that this app can be installed without rooting or jailbreaking your phone, so you don’t have to worry about bricking your device.
  3. Unlimited money unlocked with “Gachaness MOD” for Android and iOS.
    1. Gachaness MOD: Unlimited money unlocked with “Gachaness MOD” for Android and iOS.
    2. Gachaness APK: Download the latest version of the Gachaness APK file to your Android phone or tablet.
    3. Requirements: You will need a high speed internet connection to download this mod apk, as well as a compatible android device (1GB RAM) – If you are looking for an easy way to earn money in the game then check out our gacha life hack guide here!
    4. Updates: the latest update has added new features such as being able to level up faster by consuming energy levels and more!

🕹️Play Gachaness Online

Playing Gachaness Online unfortunately is not possible in the browser at the moment. As soon as it is possible to enjoy it we will let you know about it right here.