Gachaverse: How to Download & Install Free

Gacha Verse is one more of Lunime’s applications aimed at personalization, customization and representation of Anime character scenes. Despite having plenty of customization options that makes it a very complete game, it is not very complicated to play, since you have predesigned character prototypes if you do not want to start from scratch when making your avatar. 

One of the great novelties is that you will not only customize your avatar, but also its clothes, accessories, pets… You can even create text bubbles or speech bubbles so that they can say whatever you want. 

Gacha Verse

Another of the differentiating aspects of Gachaverse is the possibility of bringing together several characters created by ourselves, or belonging to the predesigned prototypes, in the same scene that we can also customize and perform what would be a dramatic play or representation. 

As if it seemed little, in addition to all this, we also have a new game mode that includes battles and fights between characters created by ourselves, predesigned and even several challenges against the game’s AI, a real challenge to carry out with our favorite heroes.

⬇️Download Gacha Verse

To download Gachaverse we will have to use the following link that we leave you, and then to be able to use it we must follow the installation process that we explain below.

➡️Install APK

To install Gachaverse APK we must simply follow the link that we left previously to: first download it, and then as it is an app that is on Google Play, it will automatically install on our mobile device.

➡️Gacha Verse Features


  • Wide variety of characters to choose from
  • Possibility to personalize characters.
  • Possibility to create new characters.
  • Possibility of combining many scenes with different characters to create animated stories.


  • A voice control system could be implemented.
  • Graphics could be improved.