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Livetopia Roleplay on Roblox is where urban fun and role-playing life merge into a unique online adventure. This game allows you to be whoever you want to be and explore a vibrant city full of secrets and surprises.

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Game NameLivetopia RP
Game CreatorCentury Makers
Recommended AgeAll Ages

Livetopia is much more than just a city. It’s a space full of personality and excitement, where you can acquire stunning houses and vehicles, and interact with other like-minded players.

Livetopia Roleplay Roblox

An RP Set is a uniqueness of this world, referring to a house or structure with a central theme, allowing you to take your role-playing experience to a more specific level.

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Playing Livetopia Online on Roblox is very simple. To do so, simply click on the link provided below.

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If you already have Roblox downloaded, you can play directly, while if you’re not a Roblox user yet, you’ll need to create an account and download the interface. It’s an intuitive and fairly quick process.

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Features of Livetopia Roleplay City

Built in 1892 by the Century Makers, Livetopia has undergone numerous transformations since its early days as Century City.

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Despite the changes, the city has always maintained its spirit of community and camaraderie, attracting players from around the world to live and play in its exciting urban environment.

Livetopia RP Roblox

Livetopia is a city with multiple faces and nicknames, each capturing a unique part of its essence. While the city is sometimes affectionately known as Lovetopia, Topia Town, or Topia City, love and excitement for the gaming experience are always at the heart of this community.

Livetopia Promo Codes

Livetopia in Roblox is a game that has implemented promo codes in the past, although their usage and the release of new codes are quite rare. It’s important to remember that these promo codes are usually launched on special occasions or events.

Livetopia RP

Although uncommon, there is always a possibility of new codes appearing. We commit to keeping you informed about any updates related to promo codes in Livetopia as soon as they become available.

Gameplay of Livetopia RP (Roblox)

While Livetopia has drawn comparisons to other Roblox city-state games like Brookhaven, many players argue that Livetopia has its own charm and beauty. The city’s architecture has evolved over time but has always maintained a touch of elegance and allure that sets it apart from other virtual cities.


Living, playing, and exploring in Livetopia Roleplay on Roblox is a unique experience. With its marvelous architecture, fascinating history, and thrilling role-playing gameplay, this city offers you the opportunity to immerse yourself in a world full of adventure and surprises.