The Amazing Digital Circus in Gacha Life 2 (OCs & Movies)

The Amazing Digital Circus has caused a huge stir in the networks and how could it be otherwise has had a huge reception by the Gacha community, as their characters meet some ideal characteristics to be recreated by all users in Gacha Life 2.

The Amazing Digital Circus

An animated web series created by Gooseworx and produced by Glitch Productions, it premiered on October 13, 2023 on Glitch’s YouTube channel. Such has been the buzz that it has already been translated into a dozen languages and has reached more than 30 million views in just a couple of weeks, despite only having the pilot episode.

The Amazing Digital Circus Gacha movies

As we have already mentioned above, the Gacha community has gone crazy with the animated series of the moment, and that is why they have not been slow to recreate the characters of The Amazing Digital Circus as characters of Gacha Life 2 and to create their own stories and plot threads. Below we are going to leave you a compilation of videos of the most daring users of the community who have already started to create these funny characters with their own Gacha movies.

As you can see the ingenuity and creativity of the Gacha community has no limits, and they could not resist to create these incredible stories with characters created in Gacha Life 2, And you, can you resist not to fall into the temptation to create your own story with your favorite characters from The Amazing Digital Circus?

Gacha free OCs codes The Amazing Digital Circus

As you already know the Gacha community, apart from being very ingenious and creative, they are also very generous and want to share the codes of the characters of The Amazing Digital Circus with the rest of the community, so that anyone can use them and thus be able to create their stories. Here are some Gacha free OCs codes:

PomniPomni ID:WV84YGSG4
CaineCaine ID:6APWDGII5
JaxJax ID:CD111BJI9
GangleGangle ID:3J7BBFCMQ
BubbleBubble ID:FYPKX68GC


For the people of the Gacha community who have not yet seen the pilot episode of The Amazing Digital Circus, we will give you a brief summary of what this series is about:

The Amazing Digital Circus

A young girl gets trapped, after putting on a VR helmet in real life, in a circus-themed virtual world. There she will meet a group of 5 characters (Jax, Ragatha, Gangle, Kinger and Zooble) who in the past were also human and were trapped at the expense of virtual reality and Caine, the ringmaster of this amazing digital circus.

Once trapped in this virtual world, the protagonist doesn’t even remember her original real-life name, but is renamed by Caine under the name Pomni. Dressed in a jester’s costume she will participate, along with the other 5 trapped humans, in the search for geometric creatures called Gloinks. In his desperate quest to find a way out, he accompanies Ragatha and Jax to visit his circus partner Kaufmo, who they discover has become abstracted and turned into a beast.

Gloink QueenGloink Queen

Trying to help Ragatha after Kaufmo provoked “glitches” affecting both of them, Pomni comes across an exit door which she decides to go through hoping that it was all a dream and it will bring her back to real life. To the protagonist’s despair, she encounters a labyrinth of spaces that will lead her to the “Void”, one of the forbidden areas of this amazing circus.

Caine sends Pomni back to the circus, where he imprisons Kaufmo in a basement with other abstracted humans, fixes Pomni and Ragatha’s (Glitches) glitches, only to reveal to her that the “exit door” is an unfinished extension he created for the circus. Caine treats everyone to a feast of food that everyone enjoys, except Pomni who is traumatized by the creepy situation she finds herself in.

Characters from The Amazing Digital Circus

PomniPomniThe main protagonist of the show. She is a jester and one of the six humans trapped in the Digital Circus, where she is the victim of dangerous stunts. As a result of her arrival, she lost her memory of her real name, as did the other humans.
KingerKingerOne of the six humans trapped in the circus, he is a chess piece reassembled as a king and is probably the most senior of the six trapped humans. As a result, he went a bit crazy as seen in the pilot episode.
ZoobleZoobleAnother of the six humans trapped in the circus, he is made of random objects that can be swapped or removed. His appearance is based on the Mix & Match toys of the 1990s. No one (not even Zooble himself) knows what gender it is.
JaxJaxAnother of the six humans trapped in the circus, and star of the show, he resembles a purple anthropomorphic rabbit with a pink jumpsuit, said to be a bad influence and something of a rebellious character. Gooseworx stated on Twitter that he is his favorite character and called him a “horrible boy.”
RagathaRagathaAnother of the six humans trapped in the circus, and the show’s deuteragonist, she is known as “the sweetest little optimist” and seems to be constantly happy even after being stabbed in the head with a knife. Her design is a reference to Raggedy Ann from the 1977 film Raggedy Ann & Andy: A Musical Adventure.
GangleGangleThe last of the six humans trapped in the circus, he wears a mask that is very easy to break and is very expressive with his current emotions, whether he is happy or sad.
CaineCaineThe main antagonist of the program. Supposedly an AI that acts as ringmaster of the circus and oversees the humans trapped there.
BubbleBubbleThe secondary antagonist of the program. It is an AI entity created by Caine. Bubble is a sentient bubble creature that lives in his hat. They have a large face with sharp teeth and appear to have destructive and unhinged behavior, much to Caine’s dismay and annoyance.
KaufmoKaufmoAn infected minor antagonist who was a prankster at the circus has been abstracted before the pilot episode.
Gloink QueenGloink QueenA minor antagonist who is, in a nutshell, the Gloink Queen.