Gacha Life Eyes for your Anime Characters and Eyes Edits

In GachaLife when creating facial expressions, one of the most important aspects that we must take into account are the eyes, the look defines the character of our character to 50% or even more, so we must take great care of the Gacha Life eyes. Big eyes, illuminated and wide open will make our Gacha a beautiful, happy and attentive avatar, eyes more closed and with less illumination will make our Gacha a character with a sadder or sinister character. Here we leave you different models for both men and women so that you can create the best eyes of GachaLife:

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Gacha Life Face Ideas

The eyes are one of the most important elements in achieving a realistic facial expression for your character. These eye ideas will help inspire you to create cute faces in Gacha life. Don’t forget that the mouth is also important to complete your character’s face in Gacha Life, so visit the mouth section and get to work. 

Below you can see different models of eyes for men at Gacha Life so that you can have different inspirations to give different character to your Gacha male characters, the best Gacha Life eyes for boys:

馃憖 Gacha Life Girl’s Eyes

We also enclose different types of eyes for women in Gacha Life so you can create different female characters with all kinds of attitudes. Create your smart, interesting, angry, angry, or lonely girl

porridge with these models of the best eyes for Gacha Life girl: