Gacha Life 2 Poses

The arrival of Gacha Life 2 has meant a revolution in Gacha poses, not only with animated poses and static poses, but also with the possibility of creating an infinite number of custom poses, letting your imagination fly to a higher level.

+100 Gacha Life 2 Pose Codes and Ideas

In the following video you can discover new poses for Gacha Life 2 that are perfect for different edits. These ideas include individual poses as well as poses for couples and random poses. Give a touch of reality to gacha with all these ideas:

Customs Pose Ideas for GL2

The possibility of creating custom poses opens a wide window when creating gacha scenes, as well as giving us the opportunity to improve gacha movies. Now we will be able to make custom dances, fully customized anime poses, and much more, resulting in more complex and detailed poses, giving greater versatility to the designs. Below you can find several pose ideas on Gacha Life to get the most out of your ocs:

Walk, Running and Walking Poses Gacha Life 2

When we talk about poses in GL2 we cannot forget about poses that emulate movement, such as poses that allow us to create walking, running or even jumping scenes. In addition, very soon we will enjoy the arrival of animated poses to this sequel of Gacha Life.

Sitting Poses for GL2

The following sitting poses can be really useful in certain scenes and edits. Don’t miss any of them and watch the video below:

Gacha Life 2 Animated Poses

Animated poses have always been present in Gacha Life, however in Gacha Life 2 they have not yet been implemented, but we must be very attentive because they will arrive in one of the next updates that Luni has planned for the game. In the following video several questions from users about the animated poses in Gacha Life 2 are answered.

Free Poses with Codes

If instead of inspiration what you are looking for are free poses, here you can find different free pose codes for Gacha Life 2. Also, this section will be updated with new codes periodically, don’t miss them!

When creating our avatars in Gacha Life 2 we often focus too much on the design of their appearance, neglecting some of the most important things such as the poses in Gacha Life 2. The pose that we give to our character is even more important than its appearance because this is what will transmit us what action, character and intention intends to have our Gacha at all times.