What is Gacha Life? Everything parents need to know

What is Gacha Life is a question many parents ask themselves. Gacha Life is a very popular app for mobile, tablet and now also available for computer whose main audience is children and teenagers. Its functionality lies in being able to create and customize manga and anime characters by themselves, and make them interact with each other to create scenes or stories. 

馃憠Gacha Life features and functionality overview

Below we will explain what is Gacha Life and his features and functionalities:

Features and Functionalities

As we already said, the Gacha Life game is designed for its users to create and customize Anime characters. To do so, they will be able to choose physical aspects such as height, appearance… they will also decide what eyes to put on them, hairstyle, clothes, complements, accessories…

Once they have created their characters they can play 8 types of mini-games contained within Gacha Life, as well as access to a studio to create scenes with which combining several of these scenes can make a story (similar to a chapter of an anime series or movie).

what is gacha life

It is a completely free game that does not require any type of payment, however, if there is the possibility of making a micro payment of 1.99 鈧 for the purchase of gems, with which we can access more outfits, accessories, hairstyles … with which to customize our character. 

馃憠Is Safe for children?

Whether Gacha Life is safe for children is a big question for parents whose children play the game a lot. The application which is available both in Google Play and Apple Store, Android and iOS application download systems; therefore we can consider that it is not a dangerous app in terms of virus, illegality…. It has also received an age rating of +9, which means that it is suitable for children from 9 years of age.

Some things to keep in mind about the safety of our children in Gacha Life are: 

  • The existence of chat functions in Gacha Life .
  • The existence of purchases in Gacha Life through micro payments that we commented previously.

Both of these functions can be disabled, since we can remove within the game the chat option enabled so that this is not a danger. And on the other hand we can disable in-app purchases, and also in our Android or iOS device, so the kids will be impossible to make any payment. 

I hope the information on what is Gacha Life has been useful.

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