Gacha World Characters: Cykopath 5 stars

Cykopath is a 5-star Gacha World character, specifically a water unit. He first appeared in the Gacha Anime as part of Neon Lunatic. He also appears in Gacha Club as one of the elemental Bosses and as a playable unit.

One of his most emblematic attacks is Cyan Psycho where he lashes out with his sword with various thrusts in front of enemies, dealing water damage. His leader attack is Ultra Attack Boost, which increases the attack of all allied units by 30%.

➡️Candy Cane Cyko

Candy Cane Cyko is a variant of Cykopath that first appeared in the Christmas update of Gacha World. Its special attack is Candy Psych, and its leader attack is Psycho Sacrifice.

📚 Story

During the Christmas season in some world, Cykopath, also known as Holiday Slicer, has an extension on his arm which is a sword in the shape of a crescent moon, and in his other hand he carries a candy. His sword is a very useful tool since it can cut many different materials. One of his main functions was the manufacture of candies and Christmas trinkets at that time of the year. His purpose for which he was known was to try to make as many of these sweets as possible to alleviate the hunger of many children at this time of year.

📊 Cykopath Stats

  • As a unit:Gacha World Cykopath
    • Club: Neon
    • Hit points: 99
    • Attack power: 82
    • Defense power: 2%
    • Damage type: Water
  • As Boss:
    • HP: 250,000
    • Attack Power: 60%
    • Defense Power 40%
    • Critical Percentage: 20%
    • Critical Damage: x2