Gacha World Characters: Ellie and 6 stars Starlight Ellie

Ellie is a fairy from Gacha World, specifically an elemental fairy. Besides Ellie, she is also known as Fairy Ellie or Gacha Queen. In Gacha World, Ellie is your main companion who acts as a guide or tutorial in all your missions. 

⭐️ Ellie in Gacha World, Gacha Life….

However, Ellie does not fight with you, nor does she help you in the different adventures you can undertake within the game. 

There is another character closely related to Ellie, which is her 6-star form that is called Starlight Ellie. A character that in Gacha World is placed as a different character but nevertheless, it seems that they are the same within the lore of Gacha Life. 

Another aspect to note about Ellie is that she seems to also be in a connection with Gacha Summoner due to the fact that they seem to share a loving relationship being King and Queen.

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