Gacha Club is a game from the Lunime company, in which we can create and customize a multitude of different anime characters. It is one of the sequels to the famous game Gacha Life, with the addition that we can use our created characters to fight more than 180 enemies of all kinds.

As for the creation of characters, we have a variety of customization options among which are: facial appearance very well detailed, the facial expression that we can give, along with other usual as shape, size and skin color … We also have some additions such as clothing, accessories, pets …

One of the most novel aspects is the inclusion of a new mode called Studio Mode, in which we can gather up to 10 of our characters and make them interact in some scenarios to create our own animated stories. We have the great novelty of being able to include a Narrator who will be able to tell the story we want and giving a more dramatic and original touch to the Studio mode.

Another novelty is the incorporation of another game mode: the battle mode. Within the battle mode we have 4 integrated submodes, in which we will have the challenge of facing waves of enemies to the rhythm of music that we can also choose ourselves.

⬇️Download Gacha Club

To download Gacha Club we will have to use the following link that we leave you, and then to be able to use it we must follow the installation process that we explain below.

➡️Install APK

To install Gacha Club APK we must simply follow the link that we left previously to: first download it, and then as it is an app that is on Google Play, it will automatically install on our mobile device.

gacha club

➡️Lunime Gacha Club

Below we analyze the best and worst of Gacha Club:

The best:

  • Top quality soundtrack
  • New and different game modes.
  • Innovative character editor.

The worst:

  • Difficult battle mode
  • Very complex character customization